Church Leaders

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Ron Ayers, Elder

Chairman of the Congregation

South Fork has been Ron's life long church home as it was for his parents and grandparents. He credits dedicated Sunday School teachers, Marion Henderson's preaching and a supportive South Fork family for his love for God's word and heart for service. Ron served as a missionary in Liberia, West Africa; then as a Family Christian Stores bookstore manager in Springfield, Illinois. Ron and Shirley met as students at Lincoln Christian University and married in 1976. They are blessed with three daughters and eight grandchildren. Thanks in part to living in Liberia, Ron loves to garden and to read on a rainy day sitting by the window with a cup of coffee.

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Paul Riedel, Elder

Vice Chairman of the Congregation

Paul grew up in a small-town west of Springfield along with his twin brother and younger sister. With his family they were members of the Loami Baptist Church and he was saved and baptized as a young man. Paul’s first job was in food service and since then he has worked in that industry most of his career. Paul met his wife Bridget at his first job Old Country Buffet when they were teenagers and they have been together ever since. 

Paul and Bridget have two children Emma and Elliot. Both children are teenagers now and no matter how hard Bridget wishes they will not go back to being 5. The Riedel family have been attending South Fork since 2010 and feel privileged to be part of the South Fork family.

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Hank Collins, Elder

Hank grew up in Springfield, IL and as a child attended a Baptist Church and was baptized at the age of 12. Hank taught Kindergarten and Third Grade in Edinburg, IL. for a number of years and then he and his wife opened Peter Panda Pre-school and Christian School in the 1980's. When not in central Illinois, Hank enjoys spending time in southern California with his son Tony and his wife Kelsey and especially his four young grandchildren. During his 15 years at South Fork Church Hank has served as a Youth Sponsor for junior high and high school youth and an Elder.

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John Ayers, Elder


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Kent Morman - Elder

Kent grew up in Edinburg and lives a quarter mile from his childhood home. He was one of five boys which should have qualified his mother for sainthood. Kent was introduced to God at a young age and made his decision to accept Christ as his Savior much later in life. He is the husband of Jill, father of two adult children, Wyatt and Delaney. He claims three dogs and only one of the three cats as his pets.

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Dave Johnson, Elder

Preaching Minister

You can read Dave's bio under Church Staff. He has served both as an Elder and Minister at small and large churches and loves utilizing his past experiences and leadership gifts to develop a strong Elder Team like the one at SFC.